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Fear is the natural response to breast cancer.
Thanks to Martini Breast Consultants
hope is the better one.

This year, about 212,000 women in the United States will experience the anguish of being diagnosed with breast cancer. For this condition — when hope can seem dim — Dr. David J. Martini and Dr. Jeanne Yu offer leading-edge biopsy techniques and surgical solutions to help restore your good health... and your peace of mind.

Since 1978, Martini Breast Consultants have been setting the standard for breast care in and around Salem. He and his associate have performed tens of thousands of breast exams and thousands of breast cancer biopsies and surgeries. Dr. Martini pioneered the revolutionary fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) to the area; today the team perform roughly 75% of all breast FNAB procedures that are done at North Shore Medical Center/Salem Hospital.

Martini Breast Consultants offer you credentials you can trust, starting with their board certification by the American Board of Surgery. They are Fellows of the American College of Surgeons and members of some of the most respected organizations in his field, including the American Society of Breast Surgeons and Massachusetts Medical Society. Dr. Martini and Dr. Yu are on staff at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Division of Surgical Oncology, in the Department of Surgery and the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. They are also a members of the Harvard Medical School faculty. In addition, they are attending surgeons at North Shore Medical Center/Salem Hospital.

Finally, Martini Breast Consultants will provide you with the compassion, empathy and reassurance you deserve... every step of the way.
Exceptional training and credentials. Over 28 years of focused breast care. Thousands of healthy patients. That’s reason for hope.